Vinho Verde

Lousada, Sousa Sub-region


Located in the Demarcated Region of Vinhos Verdes, in Lousada, about 40 km from the city of Oporto, we easily recognized that we are at Casa de Vila Verde when we start the path to the vineyards and we are surrodend by flowerbeds with hydrangeas.

The record of agricultural production dates to sec. XVII, being therefore long the tradition of the production of Vinho Verde.

Nowadays, the activity combines the best of traditional knowledge with cutting-edge production and vinification techniques.

Casa Santos Lima is responsible for the management of 70 hectares of vineyard and for the production and commercialization of its wines.

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Pluma Alvarinho Reserva  +

2017 Vinho Regional Minho

Pluma Alvarinho  +

2019 Vinho Regional Minho

Pluma  +

2019 Vinho Verde DOC

Pluma Rosé  +

2019 Vinho Verde DOC

Bruto de Portugal  +

2017 Vinho Verde DOC

Mosaico de Portugal  +

2018 Vinho Verde DOC

Casa de Vila Verde Loureiro  +

2018 Vinho Verde DOC

Casa de Vila Verde Alvarinho  +

2018 Vinho Regional Minho

Casa de Vila Verde  +

2019 Vinho Verde DOC

Escapada Branco  +

2019 Vinho Verde DOC

Escapada Rosé  +

2019 Vinho Verde DOC

Galodoro Branco  +

2018 Vinho Verde DOC

Galodoro Rosé  +

2018 Vinho Verde DOC

Tiroliro Alvarinho  +

2019 Vinho Verde DOC

Tiroliro Branco  +

2019 Vinho Verde DOC

Tiroliro Rosé  +

2019 Vinho Verde DOC

Amoras  +

2018 Vinho Verde DOC

Azulejo  +

2019 Vinho Verde DOC

Portuga Branco  +

2019 Vinho Verde DOC

Janelas Antigas  +

2018 Vinho Verde DOC

Cabra Cega  +

2019 Vinho Verde DOC

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The Vinhos Verdes Region (known as Entre-Douro-e-Minho), extends to the northwest of Portugal and is the largest Portuguese Demarcated Region. Its fresh and humid climate as a result of the strong Atlantic influence, and the high precipitation of this region even in the summer, originate wines with strong aromatic intensity, high freshness, minerality and elegance.

The soils are mostly of granite origin, but the variations in their typology and different microclimates divide the region into nine sub-regions: Monção, Lima, Basto, Cávado, Ave, Amarante, Baião, Sousa and Paiva. Each region produces different types of Vinhos Verdes.

In Casa de Vila Verde you can find the most noble and emblematic grapes of the Region such as Alvarinho, Arinto, Avesso, Espadeiro, Loureiro and Trajadura.

The vineyards have a cross layout and in simple lines. The traditional system of sweep driving is also used although on a smaller scale.

The harvest is made in September, when the grapes are carefully picked by hand and by variety.

In recent years, very significant investments have been made in the restructuring of existing vineyards, as well as in the modernization and strengthening of the Quinta's winery capacity.

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Rua de Vila Verde, nº 150 4620 - 045 Caíde de Rei Portugal


+351 910 821 191  |  +351 255 821 450


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